Our purpose is to help turn impossible ideas into real technologies, and turn technologies into products which disrupt and shape the market for years to come.
Who are NuRD?

NuRD is a leading R&D/solutions provider building disruptive technologies and products to meet current and future needs.

We foster our engineers and scientists in a unique environment where remarkable individuals can drive innovation in creative and unique ways.

Nu Research and Development consists of two major R&D departments - NuRD Innovation Labs and NuRD Incubation Labs.

Research Development

Innovation labs create the technologies for the incubation labs to build products that are taken to market

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Nu Research and Development engineers are among the brightest minds in the industry. We are always looking for talented researchers, analysts and developers to help us build tomorrow's solutions, today.

Do you have what it takes to be a NuRD?

Achievement Orientated
NuRDs derive value from deep research into real-world challenges with the goal of creating solutions which have a meaningful, paradigm shifting impact on the area in which they work. And hopefully on society as a whole.
NuRDs are tenacious and systematic in their analytical approach. They are comfortable handling big-data, spotting trends, predicting future developments and distilling all of this to compose practical, real-world solutions.

Excellent Collaborators
If a problem is worth solving, it's likely too big for any individual to complete on their own. NuRDs know that key advancements require the free exchange of ideas between specialists in multiple disciplines, each with a passion for research towards a common goal.
NuRDs don't wait for their supervisor to ask. They have the motivation to search and explore meanings and find new ways to solve problems.

A Desire to Innovate
NuRDs are dissatisfied with the way things are, and aren't keen to follow in others' footsteps. They're hungry for change and want to push the envelope forward. They don't just want to deliver a product on time, they want to comprehensively analyze a subject to create a solution that takes their field of expertise to new places.
Imaginative and Skeptical
'What if I did it this way instead?' NuRDs are always thinking about the next step when working on projects and analyzing data-sets. They also know what's worthwhile and what isn't. They have the ability to question their data and decipher what's critical to the objectives of their study.

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Core Values

Nu Research and Development operates under a set of principles which are critical to the continued success of our company, our partners and our employees.

Our purpose is to create and apply advanced, emerging technologies to make the impossible, possible.


NuRD labs are straightfoward, honest and reliable players who always keep commitments to our clients. We have the courage to make tough decisions when necessary and question actions inconsistent with our values.


As a company, we are drawn to the toughest challenges and committed to solving problems other companies view as impassable. We are curious, creative and take smart risks to discover practical and impactful solutions.


We relentlessly seek improvement and insist on delivering outstanding finished products. We follow best practices, minimize complexity, eliminate waste and strive to excel every day.


NuRD's worldwide network of developers know that our best work is done together. We construct high functioning teams for each project and cultivate the trust and communication required to deliver high-impact products.


The reason we succeed. We care intensely about the success of every project, large or small.

We attack each problem with the inspiration, drive and desire to make a breakthrough. We overcome challenging technical issues and deliver robust, lasting business solutions. We celebrate victories, big and small, and we never, ever give up.

NuRD - Driving innovation worldwide
Nurd Map Location

NuRD is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey and has research and development centers in Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, India and China. Our global footprint and diverse asset-base creates unique perspectives so we can develop truly innovative solutions.

Translating a great idea into a viable product is a daunting prospect, especially if you don’t have the resources to plan, develop and market them.

NuRD are seasoned product-realization experts who can analyze target markets, determine key deliverables and create an end-to-end development map for any project.

Feature Requirements

After a detailed discussion and analysis of business requirements, we draw up a set of achievable product features and a basic product roadmap.

Design and Architecture

We next develop an overarching product architecture, identifying specific modular components and the toolsets we'll need throughout development. We design a set of interfaces for each component, reducing development time and streamlining integration.

Project Management

After the initial evaluation phase, we'll pick an experienced project manager best suited to execute the scope of a project. The manager will oversee the entire development process, making sure all stakeholders are involved as the project matures and milestones are reached.

Usability Testing

Making sure that users can easily interact with a product is just as important as its core functionality. Our graphic design and engineering teams create interface prototypes which we extensively test with internal qa and selected users representative of the target audience.

Quality Assurance

NuRD know that even the most trivial issue, left unchecked, has the potential to set-back or derail an entire project. That's why we embed a team of dedicated quality assurance engineers onto each project we undertake. Adhering to a strict QA plan, our engineers test the product at every stage of its development, from initial design, through integration testing and final user acceptance.

Documentation and Training

Once the product is ready to launch, we provide a full set of product support and training documents. NuRD are there for the long-haul, and will run training sessions for sales, marketing, support and IT staff whenever required.

If you are interested in working with NuRD to develop your product, please use our Project Inquiry Form